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Hello, I'm Jasmine 

About Me.

I'm a 17 year old born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Though I'm commonly known by Jasmine, my preferred name, my full name is indeed Jasminabonu. I'm currently in my 11th and final year at School No. 97, and plan to pursue undergraduate studies afterwards. A sole About Me text is never enough for one to tell about herself, so I'll tell you right on you'll get a better idea of me in further exploration of this website, and not this text.

You may know me personally, from one of my interviews, an event, or the internet; regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay here on my personal website. It was created for the purpose of organizing a portfolio for myself, and later an online resume, now it's all in one really, but mainly just a website for people to get to know me better, including projects I'm involved in, my work, experiences, and more.



2018 - PRESENT

High School

President of Student Council

Winner of 5+ regional and 4 national competitions

Won a $70,000 grant for school from TNPEC

Founder of "Verse Voyage", "The Tashkent Times"

School № 97 is highly-ranked in its Yunusabad Region. 

From achieving first-place in The National Presidential English Cup (TNPEC) to being home to over 12 student-led organizations, including the renowned "Verse Voyage," it pushes boundaries in the world of education.


Middle School

Class President

Winner of 2 regional competitions, "Sehriyo Science Fair", "National Spelling Bee", and "Who's got Talent?" talent show

Head of Vocal Union

NOU Sehriyo is one of the nation's first and top private schools. Famous for it's creative and interactive approach to education, it holds the nations annual "Rainbow of Talents" competition. It partners with schools throughout Central Asia and facilitates exchange programs with them. 


Elementary School





2023 - CURRENT


World Aral Region Charity

Deputy-Leader of Project Development

2023 - CURRENT



Head of LinkedIn management, Copywriter & Translator


IELTS/General English Teacher

Alpha American School

Taught in groups as well as individually. Facilitated weekly IELTS mock-tests to track progress. More on resume.

2023 - CURRENT


Equality Sparks


A brief look at what was achieved.

More in the Honors section.


1st place in the National Presidential English Cup

Came in 1st in the English competition, having outdone 9,000 schools in Uzbekistan. Won a 850,000,000 uzs ($70,000) grant for school, along with a free research trip to London, UK.

Jasmine (Jasminabonu) Ismailova being interviewed for winning a national English competition in Uzbekistan.
"Best of the Best" nomination

Nominated "Best of the Best" by the Ministry of Education for achieving the highest scores on the Cambridge Linguaskill English Examination. Gifted an honorary diploma, laptop, TV set, and a partial scholarship to local univarsities. 


2nd place in National Tennis Tournament in Memory of Lola Kakharovna

Won 2nd place in the Under-18 age category.

Used to be 17th in rankings nation-wide. Other tennis achievements include: 1st in 7 local tournaments, 2nd in one regional tournament, 3rd in 3 national tournaments, 4th in an international UTR tournament.

Written Work

Read some pieces of me!

They say one's writing is a direct reflection of their soul. While that doesn't apply to every written piece, it does show an aspect of one's character often veiled.





Reading has always been a vital part of my life. Indulging in lives other than my own, dimensions unimagined, and lessons untaught of in the daily course of life, that—is reading's definition in my book.


"One who leads with heart inspires souls"—that's what I call a leader. Of course vision, integrity, compassion, creativity  and many more qualities are what collaboratively make up a leader, but this quote stood out. Wherever I am, I try to be a leader, one inspiring others, too, to lead.


A world without writers is indeed one dull and dreadful. Writing is expressing, writing is transcribing, writing is recording, writing is for everything not said, and like art, writing is anything you want it to be. I think everybody is a writer at heart, whether they express it or not, and so am I.


The term "art" is so broad that it often leaves one without a  strict imagination of what it is; I think that's the beauty of it. There is no ugly art, and not a sole perfect art-piece; art is pure, and full of life even in its lifeless, object form. I've been acquainted with art for as long as I've lived, and whether it be poetry, painting, music, or cinema, art gave more life to my life.



One thing about thinking is that it never stops flowing; people call that both a blessing and a curse. Thinking has been and will remain my first action in everything I do, it's quite literally an instinct made for survival. Thinking in all its forms, whether it be tactically, strategically, blindly, straightforwardly, and even subconsciously, is essential for the human experience. Though it does get overwhelmingly loud at times, it's a requisite for life.


Diplomacy is weaponry for the smart. It's impactful, yet unlike actual weaponry, completely harmless. It's astounding what words do when used the right way. I've come to learn that in any aspects of life, even those outside conflicts, diplomacy is a tool that builds solutions. MUNs have been great practice.

Not a common combination, but just as an important part of me. I do love studying, and truly enjoy the process of learning; it's disappointing at times how there is so much to learn, all limited by a single life-span. Sports is not so different, so much to try out it's quite impossible to excel at everything. Tennis has taught me lessons that extend far beyond a tennis court, lessons I apply to learning as well.


As far as I've now gone with this I'm this and that rubric, I try to see these as different names for different parts of me, rather than limiting labels. I find it hard to stick to one label, and fail to come to terms with a single label defining me, which brings me to this adjective—labelless, limitless.


I am human, and let alone a human I'm also quite new in this. I'm only 17, and am ready to accept that however ambitious I may seem, I have only seen a small fraction of what life has in store. As a human, I acknowledge that I will make mistakes, and am ready to work from them. 

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