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Dedication meets recognition. Milestones achieved, hurdles conquered, and moments of pride – these awards are testaments to the journey, not just the destination.


National Presidential English Cup 1st place

1st amongst 9,000+ public schools in Uzbekistan

The National Presidential English Cup is the biggest national competition in Uzbekistan testing English Proficiency. Every single public school in Uzbekistan participates in the competition, making up about 9,000+ schools in total. The competition has 3 stages: Local, Regional, and National. Every stage has its own set of tasks assessing students on Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. The National stage is fully digitalized, and is completed through the Cambridge platform. 


The Local stage awarded me and my school 50,000,000uzs ($4,100), the Regional 250,000,000uzs ($20,300), and the National 500,000,000 ($40,500). We were also granted a free 1-week educational trip to London, Great Britain. 


Ministry's "Best of English" nominee 

Nominated as the best of the best by the government ministry.

Having achieved the highest score country-wide on the Cambridge Linguaskill English Assessment test, I was awarded with an honorary diploma, a laptop, TV set and flowers. Certificates of gratitude were also given to my parents.

Ranked 17th country-wide in UTF's U-18 rankings

Ranked 17th in Uzbekistan Tennis Federation's national  under-18 player rankings.

Tennis tournaments: 

Won 1st place in regional Open Court tournament under-18,
1st place in local DSY Tennis Champs tournament under 18,
1st place in local DSY
Tennis Champs tournament under 16,
2nd place in National Tennis Tournament in memory of Lola Kakharovna,
3rd place in CSK National Tennis Tournament, and more.

DALL·E 2024-02-13 20.05.10 - Create an image resembling a sports ranking display for the under-18 girls tennis category. The focus is on the 17th rank, highlighted for emphasis, s.webp

1st in the National Spelling Bee 

1st place in the National Spelling Bee among 12,000 schools in Uzbekistan. 

The National Spelling Bee has 4 rounds: school, local, regional, and national. Having won all 4, I was granted a 2-week free vacation to Dubai, UAE.

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